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- 6 meters high

- 7,80 meters high

- 9,80 meters high

- 11,80 meters high

All towers are galvanized steel for durability. To determine the height of the tower, calculate that the complete wheel 1.5 m pass over obstacles (mountains, buildings, etc), and verify that the place where you install the mill having a radius of 100 meters clean area.


The raw materials that are used to manufacture the wind mills and the towers are carefully screened and monitored, as well as the final product.

The final result is seen in customer acceptance through the years, prizes and awards in provincial, national and international received and spiritual satisfaction that the group has to produce a surging quality product, innovative and necessary. SURGENTE's products have been exported to countries like Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Germany, USA, Gavon (South Africa).

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