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This windmill works without gears and its compensating spring enables the machine to work more lightly, that is to say, it does NOT need high winds to run, and therefore, harnesses 60% more wind energy!

Its drive consists of a rod system, that reduces the friction (because it hasn't got gears); and it has an oil pump, that permits all the parts to work lubricated.

The windmill also has a compensating spring, which overrides any weight rod and part of the water column, i.e., lighter work, it does NOT need high winds to run, and harnesses weak winds.

SURGENTE windmill, has a "closing" against strong winds, the machine controls the revolutions by means of a braking system. The drive's box is made of welded steel, which permits a windmill tougher and lighter



- High efficiency at low wind speeds


- Less wear and tear


- Automatic shutdown with high winds


- Larger amounts of water


- Strong structure


- Greater efficiency


Over 65 years in the market Surgente make a reliable company with experience, being awarded the XIV International Quality Trophy, in addition, of 6 awards FISFE (Industrial Federation of Santa Fe).

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