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The windmill is the best option to extract water in places without electric infrastructure, because it doesn't need maintenance, lasts a long time, and satisfies the same necessities than other machines, that don't work without electricity.

Our products are used both: for the agricultural sector, to supply water to dairy production cattle, horses, sheep, goats, swine, poultry, etc.., As well as for communities and institutions, for drinking water, hygiene, irrigation of gardens and greenhouses.

SURGENTE windmills can be used in different ways, according to your needs and interests.

Here, six of many other possibilities for installing a SURGENTE windmill are presented:


- Know about the static water level in order to identify measures of the mill and diameter of the cylinder (according to depth's table).

- To determine the height of the tower, calculate that the complete wheel 1.5 m passes over obstacles (mountains, buildings, etc.) and verify that the place where you install the mill has a clean radius of 150 meters.

- Estimate water consumption. Note that the operation of the mill is approximately 12 hours per day.

Bovine 50 Lts
Equine 41 Lts
Goats 7 Lts
Sheep 8 Lts
Pigs 11 Lts
Houses 450 Lts

Some estimates of average consumption per day


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